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Best Roulette Games for You

Online roulette is a true queen of online casino entertainment. Among the many games available in online gaming hubs, roulette has always occupied a leading position making it a top-played option. Therefore, the availability of this game in online casinos is almost guaranteed. This game option has a number of advantages, with easy game rules and elementary game flow being some of the things players love most of all. At the same time, to make online roulette look 100% realistic, developers are using the best design practices and IT technologies for game development and implementation. In case you want to feel the atmosphere of a real casino, then you can always play against a live dealer online.

Game Types You Can Play Online

With a variety of gaming solutions, you will have many choices at your disposal. There are currently multiple types of roulette games – each featuring slightly different rules and flows:

  • American Roulette (also known as double-zero roulette) – it employs 38 numbers: 1 – 36 along with 0 and 00;
  • European roulette (also known as single-zero roulette) – it has 37 numbers: 0 – 36 inclusive;
  • French roulette (just like the above – single-zero roulette) – this game type is very similar to the European game version but employs a different playing field;
  • Russian roulette – it is the best game for those who like a risky game.

All the above games differ in the following characteristics:

  • The distribution of numbers on the wheel;
  • Game field;
  • Possible rates;
  • Some special rules (En Prison, La Partage, Surrender, etc.);
  • The rules of conduct at the table, procedures, chips, and so on.

The most popular versions of an online roulette game are its American and European variations. By the name of the two, you can predict the rules of these games. They are based on the rules of the very same games that land-based casinos offer. Thus, American roulette is a preferable option in the USA gambling halls, whereas European roulette is the most common in offline casinos in Europe.

There is also French roulette with 37 sectors on the wheel and the La Partafa Rule, which increases the benefit of a player. Thus, with a loss of 0 zero, the players who bet on this sector get half of their initial bet back. Taking into account the “improved” game rules, playing French roulette is the most profitable for the player. In this game, the casino has the lowest advantage over a player, which brings more profit to you. Unfortunately, not all online casinos offer French roulette. So check the casino gambling library before you register an account there.

Mini roulette is another variant of online roulette games. Far from every online gambling hall offers the game, so you need to be very careful and check their portfolio as soon as you land on a casino website. The top point to note about mini online roulette is that it has a large casino advantage. The mini-roulette of this type has 13 sectors, from 1 to 12 pus 0 zero. If one of the 13 sectors is empty, the casino advantage is 3 times higher.

Live Dealer roulette

The online gambling segment is constantly developing, and now all your favorite online roulette games are available in a live dealer mode. Thus, you can play French roulette, make a bet at the American version of the game, and try to beat a live dealer while staying in the comfort of your home. The assortment of live dealer games available in live casinos is identical to the one that online gambling platforms offer, with the most popular ones being:

  • American roulette;
  • European roulette;
  • French roulette.

The popularity of the latter is associated with more beneficial conditions for a gambler and higher winning odds. However, what makes live roulette games stand out is that they allow you to closely monitor the game process. Thanks to multiple cameras installed in a casino setting, you can clearly see what’s happening on the roulette board and can track the actions of the dealer. Get integrated into the gameplay at max. Play live roulette games you like most of all.

Final Say

No matter what type of gambler you are and what casino game you prefer to play, there are plenty of options that will keep your gambling wallet full of chips. To get the most out of playing your favorite games in the casino, pay special attention to bonuses currently on offer. Thus, you will always know what to do to claim free spins and chips from the gambling institution.